2D effects

2D effects

HitFilm has a large and diverse collection of 2D effects which can be used for color correction, green screen keying and even generating procedural effects such as light flares and fire (HitFilm Ultimate only).

Most 2D effects can be used on the Editor sequence as well as in composite shots. Some of the more advanced 2D effects can only be used in composite shots, and are marked as [Layer Only].

In the following chapters the example images are based on this original:


Using 2D effects

2D effects need to be applied to an existing layer or clip.

Effects are added by dragging them from the Effects panel onto a layer or clip. You can add as many effects to a layer as you want.

Already applied effects are listed in the Effects group for each layer on composite shot timelines and in the Controls panel.

Effects can only be animated on composite shot timelines. They cannot be animated on the Editor sequence.

Reordering effects

The order you apply effects to your layers can make a huge difference to the end result. Effects are processed from top to bottom, so the first effect in a layer's Effects section will be processed before the last.

You can reorder effects just like you reorder layers, by clicking and dragging on them with the mouse. A green line indicates where the effect will be placed.

RECAP 2D effects can range from simple Brightness & Contrast to procedural Fire.