Timeline panels

timeline panel

HitFilm's timelines are where you'll make most of your project decisions.

There are actually two types of timeline: the Editor sequence, where you can do normal video editing, and composite shots, where you can create visual effects and motion graphics. Depending on your project you might use both types of timeline or just one.

HitFilm has one Editor sequence per project, but you can have as many composite shots as you need.

Editor sequence Vs. composite shots

HitFilm has two types of timeline: the Editor sequence and composite shots. Knowing which one to use is crucial to having an efficient workflow.

If HitFilm is your primary editing application, the Editor sequence should be used to create the bulk of your project. It is where you select media from your Media panel to assemble into multiple clips, applying transitions and simple effects as required and mixing your sound.

If you want to create visual effects, composite multiple layers and green screen shots, apply animation or have more control over your effects, you should create a composite shot.