Navigation bar

Navigation bar

The navigation bar runs horizontally along the top of the HitFilm window.

You can use the navigation bar to switch between the different HitFilm screens and to quickly manage your project files without needing to return to the Home screen.

File menu

Looking after your projects is always important! The File menu makes it easy to create, open and save projects without having to change screen.

On the left of the menu you can see the main project commands:

New - creates a new project. HitFilm can only have one project open at a time, so you will be asked to save your current project file before creating a new one.
Open - opens a project file you've previously saved on your computer.
Save - saves your current project so that your work is safe. If it is the first time you have saved the project you will need to choose a location for the file.
Save As - if you want to create an alternate version of your current project file, this will create a new project file under a different name. After using Save As, the Save option will use the new filename and location instead of the original.

On the right of the File menu is a handy list of your most recent projects so that you can quickly switch between different projects without having to find them on your computer.

The Options button is where you can change HitFilm's preferences.

The Exit button is another way to close the application when you've finished working on your masterpiece for the day.

Quick tools

quick tools

To the right of the File menu are four small buttons.

Save - saves your current project so that your work is safe. If it is the first time you have saved the project you will need to choose a location for the file.
Undo (Ctrl+Z) - if you've made a mistake or don't like what you just changed, click the Undo button to go back to where you were before. HitFilm logs every decision you make, so you can undo everything you've done since launching the application. The number of changes that are stored can be changed in Options.
Redo (Ctrl+Y) - after clicking Undo you can then click Redo to reinstate your previous decision. Note that if you undo a decision then make other changes you won't be able to use Redo to get back to the original state.

If you hover the mouse over Undo or Redo a tooltip will be displayed showing exactly what will change if you click the buttons.

Workspace - turn the interface panels on and off and change workspace. For more information see Customizing the workspace.

Screen navigation buttons

nav buttons

In the center of the navigation bar are the screen navigation buttons. You use these to switch between HitFilm's five screens.

Home - quick access to your projects and keeps you connected to the community.
Project - adjust your project settings whenever you want.
Edit & Effects - this is where most of HitFilm's features are found and where your creativity comes into play.
Export - HitFilm can export your project to a variety of destinations, including directly to YouTube.
Help - a helping hand is never further than a click away.

You can change screen at any time, even when you're in the middle of a project. When you change screen the contents are retained, so when you switch back it'll be exactly as you left it.

RECAP The navigation bar gives you quick access to your files and is where you switch between the different HitFilm screens.