Making use of presets can massively speed up your workflow in HitFilm. Presets can be created for 3D effects and combinations of 2D effects.

Presets store your chosen settings so that you can quickly recreate them elsewhere in your project or even in completely different projects.

Using presets

The presets are organised into multiple folders in the Effects panel.


All the default 3D effects presets are kept in the 3D Effects folder.

When dragged to the timeline, 3D presets create new 3D effect layers. The layer will be automatically set up according to the settings in the preset.


2D effects presets need to be dragged to a layer or clip. They can store the settings for multiple 2D effects, providing a quick way to re-use specific combinations. This is especially useful for different film looks.

Some 2D effects presets can only be used on composite shot timelines. These are marked by [Layer Only] in the Effects panel.

Creating presets

You can create your own presets. These will be listed in the Presets folder of the Effects panel.


To create a new 3D preset, simply right click the 3D effect in your layer list on your timeline and choose Create 3D Preset.

You can then choose a name for your new preset and specify which folder to store it in.

The Include layer transformation properties option will also include any Transform keyframes and values. This can be useful if you want to recreate the exact effect within the same project.


To create a 2D effects preset you first need to choose which effects to store in the preset.

Effects can be selected on the timeline by holding shift or ctrl and clicking on the effects you want.

The effects can only be from a single layer or clip.

Once you have selected your effects right click them and choose Create preset.

RECAP Presets are a useful way to store and quickly recreate your favorite effects.