Playback controls

viewer playback controls

Along the bottom of the Viewer are the playback controls. These are used for quickly moving the playhead to a specific frame in your project and for playing your work at normal speed.

Time Displays

To either side of the Viewer are time displays.

On the left the current time is shown, based on the position of your playhead.

On the right the total duration of your current timeline is shown.

You can set each separately to display as a timecode (in the format Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames) or as a framecount by right clicking and selecting from the menu.

Frame controls

There are several blue buttons next to the Current Time Display which control the playhead.

In - sets the In point for the work area to your current frame.
Out - sets the Out point for the work area to your current frame.
Go to start - moves the playhead to frame 0.
Previous frame - moves the playhead one frame back.
Next frame - moves the playhead one frame forward.
Play/stop - starts and stops playback.

HitFilm will attempt to play your timeline at its correct framerate. In the event of rendering times being too long, frames will be skipped to maintain the correct duration. Frame skipping will not occur when you export.

Viewer playhead & duration bar

The duration bar represents the total duration of your currently selected timeline.

The blue area shows your work area, which you can change using the In and Out controls.

By dragging the vertical white bar you can move the playhead around your timeline. This is particularly useful if your timeline is currently zoomed in to a specific area, as you can watch another part of the timeline without having to move or scale your track or layer view.

RECAP The playback controls are useful for moving around your project, defining your work area and watching your movie in all its glory.