Layer panel

Layer panel

The Layer panel is used for displaying a non-transformed version of your currently selected layer. This can be very useful when masking and is also used during 2D tracking.

Accessing the Layer panel

The Layer panel is always linked to the Viewer. You can display the Viewer or the Layer panel but you can't see them both at the same time.

To use the Layer panel, simply switch to it using the tab next to the Viewer, then select a layer on the timeline.

You can switch between the Viewer and the Layer panel at any time when in a composite shot timeline.


The Layer panel shows your selected layer before any transformation is applied. This can be very useful when compositing: even if you've animated your layer so that it is difficult to work on directly in the Viewer, you can switch to the Layer panel to get an undistorted view.

The masking tools are identical to those in the Viewer panel. Check out the Mask drawing chapter for more details.

Any masking you apply to the layer in the Layer panel will also affect the layer in the Viewer panel.


HitFilm Ultimate exclusive

The Layer panel is where you can position your 2D tracking points. For details on HitFilm's 2D tracking head over to the Track panel section.