Generating new media

Generating new media

generate media

Media can be generated inside HitFilm, instead of being importing as files.

Generated media only exists inside your project. You won't find generated media as separate files on your computer.

New media can be generated using the New menu in the Media panel.

Generated media is listed in the Project Media list and can be organized and applied in exactly the same way as media files.

Composite shots

Composite shots exist separately from your Editor sequence. Composite shots have their own timelines and can contain 2D or 3D scenes, so are ideal for visual effects, compositing and motion graphics work.

For more information on composite shots take a look at the Composite shots section and the Creating composite shots chapter.


A plane is a flat rectangle of a single solid color.

Planes can be used on your Editor sequence and in composite shots and work in 2D or 3D. They are particularly useful for creating solid color backgrounds for titles or composites.

For detailed information go to the Plane layers chapter.

Planes can also be created from the New Layer menu on composite shot timelines.

RECAP Planes and composite shots are generated inside HitFilm. They can then be used like any other media asset.