The Generate effects are used to create new elements. These can be applied to layers like any other effect, though you will often find it best to apply them to Plane layers or Grade layers so that they can be manipulated on a layer of their own.

4-point color gradient

Generates a 4-color gradient. The colors and mixing of the colors can be changed, as can the position of the gradient points.

4point grad

Blood spray

Creates a spray of blood that jets out from the center point. The effect can also simulate the blood impacting on a surface.

For those of you not making action or horror films, this can also be used for interesting paint effects!

The Appearance properties provide customization options for the color and texture of the effect.

blood spray


Generates a moving, randomly generated cloud texture.


Color gradient

Creates a 2-point gradient of color.


Derez (VGHS)

Custom-built for Freddie Wong's Video Game High School web series. Creates a digital glitching appearance.


Drop shadow

Adds a drop shadow to the layer. You can change the scale, distance and appearance of the shadow, or choose to render the shadow without the layer.

Drop shadow

Fill color

Simply fills the layer with the selected color. You can choose to blend the color with the original layer to varying amounts.


Film damage

Simulates the problems caused by a poorly projected film, including grain, stains, dust and scratches, frame shake and flickering.

You can control each of the elements individually to get the exact look you want.

film damage


Generates procedural fire. See the Fire chapter for details.



Introduces a random flickering to the layer. The behaviour of the flicker can be finely customized.


Creates the impression of rays of light shining out from a central point.

The appearance of the rays can be heavily customized.

The general appearance of the rays is determined by its properties, rather than by its interaction with the layer itself. In this respect it differs from the Light rays effect.



Creates a grid pattern. You can adjust the spacing and size of the grid lines.


Half tone

Turns the layer into a half tone image, similar to black and white newspaper print.

You can adjust the composition of the half tone dots.

Half tone

Half tone color

A color variation of the Half tone effect.

half tone color


The fastest and easiest ways to add letterboxing to your movie. Presets enable you to quickly pick from standard film aspect ratios.


Light flares

Generates a wide variety of realistic lens flares and lights. Each flare type can be heavily customized to create a limitless variety of alternatives.

You can individually adjust the hotspot, rays and additional elements to create your own flares.

Light flare

Light streaks

Creates a range of light streaks based on the source layer. Ideal for creating the kind of lens aberrations caused by anamorphic lenses.

Light streaks

Light rays

On the surface similar to Gleam, Light rays generates a more realistic illusion of light emitting from a central point. The light rays behave more naturally on the movement of the layer.

light rays

Lightning & electricity

This is a massively powerful procedural generator of lightning and electricity. For full details see Lightning & electricity.


Radial gradient

Creates a circular color gradient. The size, position and shape of the gradient can all be tweaked.

Radial gradient

Scan lines

Creates scan lines as seen on some monitor displays when filmed.

Scan lines

TV damage

Simulates the appearance of a badly tuned television signal.

Each element can be customized individually to create the exact look you want.

TV damage


Generates a counter showing the current position in time of the layer or timeline.



Adds a soft colored edge to the layer. You can customize the color and shape of the vignette.