Editing with composite shots

Editing with composite shots

Composite shots can be used in the same way as other media, such as videos and images.

All of your composite shots are listed in the Media panel and can be added to other timelines, including other composite shots.

You can't place a composite shot inside itself. A composite shot can only go inside a different composite shot.

Composite shots on the Editor sequence

A composite shot that has been used on your Editor sequence can be edited using the same tools that you use for other media.

For more information on using the tools, check out the Editor sequence section.

Composite shot duration

If you trim the in and out points of a composite shot on the Editor sequence, this does not change its actual duration. Similarly, if you want to lengthen a composite shot you need to change its duration in its properties, as extending its out point will only work up to the specified duration of hte composite shot.

Opening composite shots

Even while a composite shot is being used on the Editor sequence, you can double-click on it at any time to open its timeline and make further adjustments.

This is a far more efficient workflow than having to constantly re-export your visual effects shots. If you use HitFilm for your editing and your effects, you'll only need to export when you've finished your project.