Edit & Effects

Edit & Effects

edit & effects

The Edit & Effects screen is where you'll spend most of your time, as it contains all of HitFilm's editing and visual effects features.

Editing vs visual effects

HitFilm is a hybrid product and works as a non-linear video editor as well as a visual effects compositor. Understanding the differences between these two tasks will make sure you get the most out of the application.

You can work on your editing and visual effects in the same project. HitFilm will adapt to your needs so that you always have a fast, natural workflow.

For specific information on the effects and techniques available in HitFilm, check out Using layers & effects.

Editor sequence

The non-linear editing in HitFilm gives you everything you need to create short films, documentaries, holiday videos, video blogs, corporate videos and pretty much anything else.

Editing takes place on the Editor sequence. Every project has a single editor sequence.

You can add 2D effects to clips on your Editor sequence, if you want to make simple adjustments without animation. If you want to animate or create more complex visual effects you'll want to create a composite shot.

Composite shots

If your project needs sophisticated visual effects, motion graphics or color grading you can do it all right from within HitFilm. You don't need to worry about exporting videos and transferring files between different products.

Visual effects are created as composite shots. There can be multiple composite shots in a single project.

You can switch between your editor sequence and composite shots at any time.

If you are only working on composite shots you do not need to use the Editor sequence.

RECAP The Edit & Effects screen contains most of HitFilm's features. You can switch between editing and creating visual effects, as explained in the chapter Finding your way around.