Customizing the Viewer

Customizing the Viewer

viewer menus

The Viewer has three menus along the top which are used to customize exactly what is displayed.

Customizing the Viewer does not affect your exports.

If you are working in 3D you will see two additional menus. These are detailed in the Using multiple views and Transforming layers in 3D chapters.


viewer color menu

The Color menu changes which color channels are shown in the Viewer.

RGB - shows the full rendered output. This is what will be exported by HitFilm.
RGB Straight - show the RGB channels without alpha. Note that fully transparent areas may be displayed with unexpected coloring.
Alpha - shows the alpha channel. This represents transparency, with white areas being fully opaque and black areas being fully transparent. This can be useful during compositing as it can be easier to assess the compositing quality from the alpha rather than the RGB.
Red - shows only the red channel.
Green - shows only the green channel.
Blue - shows only the blue channel.


viewer render menu

The Render menu adjusts the quality of the display and turns key rendering features on and off.

Depending on the complexity of your project and the speed of your computer you may want to adjust the Render settings to maintain good performance.

Some options are only available in composite shots or 3D composite shots.

Anti-aliased - renders at full resolution with anti-aliasing for smooth edges.
Full - renders at full resolution.
Half - renders at half resolution.
Quarter - renders at quarter resolution.
Lights - turns rendering of lights on and off.
Shadows - turns rendering of shadows on and off.
Motion blur - turns motion blur on and off.
Depth of field - turns depth of field on and off.


The Options menu turns visual guides and other useful features on and off. Whether you need these will depend on the nature of your project.

Floor plane - overlays a 3D grid to aid positioning (when in a 3D composite shot).
Background color - changes the background color of the viewer. As with the other Viewer customization settings, this does not affect your exported video and is only used as a guide in the Viewer.
Export frame - exports a single still image of the current frame.

RECAP The Viewer customization menus do not affect your exported video and provide useful guides during editing and compositing.