Converting clips to composite shots

Converting clips to composite shots

There are several ways to create composite shots, depending on what it is you want to do. One of the most convenient ways is to generate the composite shot from a clip on your Editor sequence.

A practical example

You have finished editing an action sequence in your new movie but one shot requires a CG muzzle flash to be added to the gun prop. You could create a composite shot that matches your Editor sequence settings, add the original video, create the muzzle flash, then edit the completed composite shot into your Editor sequence. In many cases this is a valid and efficient way to use HitFilm.

In this example, however, there is a faster, easier alternative. You've already edited your live action shot with the gun prop into your Editor sequence. By selecting the clip and using the Make Composite Shot option you can automatically convert it into a composite shot, add the muzzle flash effect, then switch back to the Editor sequence and carry on without needing to do any additional editing.

The conversion process

The Make Composite Shot option is found at the top of the Editor sequence timeline. You need to select a single clip on the timeline before you can use it.

After selecting a clip and clicking Make Composite Shot you will be shown the Make Composite Shot properties.

The selected clip will be replaced on the Editor sequence with a composite shot and the clip is automatically converted to a layer in the newly created composite shot.

Make Composite Shot properties

make comp from editor

When converting a clip to a composite shot you can give it a specific name or use the automatically generated one.

There are two important choices to make when created a composite shot from a clip.

Composite shot properties source

The first option determines the size, framerate and aspect ratio of your new composite shot.

Selected clip will use the clip's properties for the new composite shot.
Editor sequence will use the Editor sequence's properties for the new composite shot.

Effects and transform properties destination

The second option specifies what to do with any transform properties and effects that have been applied to the selected clip.

Leave here will remove the effects and transform properties from the clip and re-apply them to the new composite shot clip.
Move with clip will keep the effects and transform properties with the clip when it is placed inside the new composite shot.

Composite shots work very differently to the Editor sequence. Click here for detailed information on composite shots.

RECAP Composite shots can be created directly from clips on your Editor sequence timeline.