Controlling the 2D view

Controlling the 2D view

The Viewer works similarly in the Editor sequence and in 2D composite shots. There are several controls for adjusting exactly what you see in the Viewer.


viewer scaling

The Viewer can be scaled up and down so that you can see your entire frame or zoom in on a specific area.

The scale menu is located at the bottom-right of the Viewer and features a selection of preset scales.

The Scale to fit option automatically changes the Viewer scale depending on the size and shape of the Viewer panel.

Selecting 100% scale will ensure that you see your project at its real resolution.

You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to alter the scale.


viewer hand tool

If you can't see your entire frame in the Viewer you will need to pan the view to see different areas.

The Hand tool is used for moving the current view.

Using the Hand tool to move the Viewer does not move or alter any of your layers or clips.

You can also click and hold the middle mouse button to temporarily activate the Hand tool.

If you need information on controlling the 3D view take a look at the Using different views chapter.

RECAP The 2D view can be scaled and panned to give you a good view of what you're working on.