Composite shots

composite shot timeline

Composite shots are used for sophisticated visual effects, motion graphics and color grading. They can have more complex layering of videos, images and other assets and you can animate all your properties.

You can create as many composite shots as you want in a project, with each of them having their own individual timeline. Composite shots are listed in the Media panel and can be used on other timelines, including the Editor sequence, like any other media asset.

Composite shots consist of layers. Each layer contains a single item, such as a video or a 3D effect.

You can't place multiple items onto a single layer, so if you want to do some standard video editing you should use the Editor sequence instead.

Creating composite shots

Unlike the Editor sequence, which is created automatically when you start a new project, you need to create composite shots manually. There are several different ways to create a composite shot, all of which are described in detail here.

Once a composite shot has been created it will be listed in the Media panel and its timeline will be opened in a tab next to the Editor sequence.

Timeline layout

Although at first glance the composite shot timeline is similar to the Editor sequence, there are several crucial differences.

Timeline tools - composite shots are not designed for standard editing but you still need to be able to adjust your layers. The tools function in the same way as on the editor sequence. For more information, take a look at the Editing tools chapters.
Current Time Display - the display at the top-left shows the current position in time of your playhead. You can choose whether to display this as a timecode (in the format Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames) or as a framecount by right clicking it.
Layer listing - the column on the left shows your layer stack.
Zoom controls - at the bottom-left are the zoom controls, which change the scale of the timeline. If you want to see more of your composite shot timeline, or see a particular area in more detail, use these controls.
Quick links - along the top of the edit area are quick links to convert a clip into a composite shot, adjust the composite shots settings and export the composite shot.
Layer view - the largest area of the panel is where you edit your layers. The following chapters explain in detail how to use HitFilm for 2D and 3D compositing.

RECAP Composite shots are where you'll create your visual effects and motion graphics. You can have multiple composite shots in a project.