Adding clips to the timeline

Adding clips to the timeline

After importing or creating your media, the first thing you need to do is add some clips to the timeline.

You can drag anything in your Project Media list straight onto your Editor sequence. Simply find the media asset you want to use and drag it from the list onto your timeline.

Placing your clips

clip drop

When you drag media onto the timeline you need to choose where you want it to go. HitFilm makes this easier by showing you where the clip is going to appear.

After you've selected a media asset in your Project Media list and have begun to drag it, note how the mouse pointer changes to let you know if you are over a valid area. If you move a media asset over the Effects panel, for example, the pointer will indicate that you can't put the media asset there.

If you drag the clip over the timeline a green rectangle will appear. This represents the duration of the media asset you are about to place on the timeline. You can use this to place the clip accurately and choose which track to use.

Note that video and audio have their own separate tracks. If you are placing a video clip that also has audio you will see both represented on the timeline.

If you have snapping turned on you may also see snap indicators.

Automatically creating new tracks

You can automatically create a new track when placing a new clip by dropping it onto the blank area above or below the numbered video and audio tracks. This will create a new track and place the clip onto it.

For more information on working with tracks, read the Using audio and video tracks chapter.

Working with busy tracks

Although your tracks are initially empty, making placement of new clips simple, you'll soon have a busy timeline full of video and audio. If you want to add a new clip to an area that is already occupied by clips there are various options, accessible through keyboard shortcuts:

No shortcut - this will default to an overlay edit, whereby the new clip is placed at your chosen position. Any clips that are already in that area will be sliced and replaced by the new clip.
Shift - changes to an insert edit. Any clips that are already in the chosen area are sliced at the in point of the new clip and moved to the right, with the new clip being placed in the gap. Any other clips to the right of the affected area are ripple edited accordingly. This means that you don't lose any of your existing clips.
Alt - if you are placing a video that also has an audio track this enables you to place only the video or the audio. If you are positioning the clip over the video track only the video part of the clip will be placed; if you are positioning the clip over the audio track only the audio part of the clip will be placed.

RECAP To add clips to your Editor sequence, simply drag any media from the Project Media list.