New in HitFilm Pro

There are a huge number of performance improvements, as well as new and upgraded tools in HitFilm Pro. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:


NEW Viewer quality options for playback and pause. You can now set separate quality options for playback and for the paused image displayed on the Viewer, to ensure smooth playback on any system.
IMPROVED Viewer bit depth options now include Linear Color for more realistic compositing, especially when working with 3D lighting.
IMPROVED Mask performance. Rendering and editing of masks is faster than ever. As video resolutions increase, masks require greater complexity and accuracy, but this won't slow down performance.
IMPROVED Media performance on import. Media processing has been moved to the background, so your files will be available for use immediately after import.
IMPROVED Playback in the trimmer, using quality options similar to the Viewer.
IMPROVED Faster thumbnail generation and performance on the timeline.
IMPROVED MP4 playback performance.
IMPROVED Copy/Paste performance on the Editor is much faster.
NEW Native support for importing ProRes video on Windows, without Quicktime installed.
NEW Native support for Cineform .mov files on Windows, without requiring Quicktime.
NEW Transform menu for layers.
NEW Custom .mov writer on Windows, to export Cineform video and PCM audio.
IMPROVED Editing of attributes, allowsyou to remove or copy/paste attributes from a group of clips.



NEW Keyframe animation on the Editor timeline. All 2D Transform properties can now be keyframed on the Editor. This is huge.
NEW Control Panel Pin lets you keep the controls for one timeline visible (and editable) while viewing a different timeline. This allows you to make edits inside of an embedded comp while viewing the results of the parent comp in the Viewer.
IMPROVED Bezier graph controls. Holding SHIFT while editing a Bezier point will constrain movement to the Time axis.
IMPROVED Bezier Tooltips. Hovering over graph curves and control points now displays helpful tooltips.
IMPROVED Audio Compressor now includes a Hard Limiter.
NEW Text effect allows you to create Text on the Editor, with improved alignment options.
IMPROVED Trimming tools. Double-click a clip on any timeline to re-open it in the Trimmer. You can then edit the In and Out points on the Trimmer, and the timeline clip will automatically update as well.
IMPROVED Auto-sync of Audio. If you have multiple clips with separate audio imported, select them all at once, and HitFilm will automatically find the pairs, sync them, and merge them into new clips ready for editing.
IMPROVED Ambient Occlusion can now be applied to text layers.
IMPROVED Environment Map can now be applied to text layers.
IMPROVED Parenting behavior when parenting a 3D child to a 2D parent.
IMPROVED Transitions involving motion (Clock Wipe, Cross Zoom, Linear Wipe, Push, Radial Wipe, Slide, Split, Zoom) now include motion blur controls.
IMPROVED Reflections on 3D models now allow mirror reflections per material, in addition to the standard spherical reflections.
NEW PiP (Picture-in-Picture) effect.
NEW Vertical Video effect makes it easy to integrate vertical video into a standard horizontal frame.
IMPROVED Support for Asian characters in text layers
NEW Puppet effect.
NEW Block Displacement effect.
NEW Clone effect.
NEW Dot Matrix effect.
NEW Pixel Sort effect.


Geometry Effects

NEW Native 3D Text creation. A new class of effects called Geometry effects allow you to make 3D alterations to Text layers with full support for 3D lights and shadows.
NEW Extrude effect allows you to extrude flat text into 3D.
NEW Bevel effect allows you to add beveled edges to text layers.
NEW Rotate effect allows you to animate X, Y, and Z rotation of the text characters, rather than the entire layer.


Behavior Effects

NEW Physics-based motion for layer movement. Another new class of effects called Behaviors allow you to apply behaviors to layers that will control their movement using real-world physics or other layers.
NEW Acceleration effect allows a layer to accelerate in a specified direction using a basic physics equation.
NEW Attract To effect causes one layer to be pulled toward a selected target layer.
NEW Drag effect slows down the movement of a layer as if external drag was causing friction on it.
NEW Follow effect allows one layer to follow the movements of another layer.
NEW Gravity effect pulls a layer downward, simulating the physics of gravity.
NEW Mix Parent Position effect lets you adjust the intensity of a parent layer's influence on child layers.
NEW Repel From effect forces one layer away from another.
NEW Rotate By Layer effect allows you to use the rotation of one layer to control the rotation of another layer, by use of a multiplier.
NEW Throw effect


360 Video

NEW 360 Video Viewer panel.
NEW 360 Animated Lasers effect.
NEW 360 Blur effect.
NEW 360 Bulge effect.
NEW 360 Channel Blur effect.
NEW 360 Fisheye converter effect.
NEW 360 Fractal Noise effect.
NEW 360 Glow effect.
NEW 360 Glow Darks effect.
NEW 360 Lightsword (2-point Auto) effect.
NEW 360 Lightsword 4-Point Manual) effect.
NEW 360 Lightsword (Glow Only) effect
NEW 360 Magnify effect.
NEW 360 Neon Path effect.
NEW 360 Twirl effect.
NEW 360 Unsharpen effect.