The scene effects are designed to enhance the 3D compositing environment.


The parallax effect creates the illusion of 3D depth in a 2D layer.

In this example parallax has been used to apply a cracked concrete texture to some text:

Parallax text

The height map is used to determine the depth effect.

When set to None the host layer's own texture will be used for the parallax effect. You can also choose a different layer to use as the height map.

The Blur Height Map property can be used to create a softer, smoother parallax effect.

The parallax effect is most effective when combined with HitFilm's 3D lights.


Camera projection can be used to project a camera's view onto a layer. This can be used for object removal, converting still images into 3D scenes and projecting 2D effects onto 3D angles.

Projection From - The source layer to be projected to the current layer.

Camera - The camera that is used for the projection.

Layer Opacity - Opacity multiplier for the projected image.

Blend - The blend mode used to composite the projected layer onto the current layer