The grunge effects are a set of effects for creating the appearance of old or damaged video.

Film damage

Simulates the problems caused by a poorly projected film, including grain, stains, dust and scratches, frame shake and flickering.

You can control each of the elements individually to get the exact look you want.

film damage

Film grain

Generates a realistic grain based on 8mm, 16mm or 32mm film stock.


Introduces a random flickering to the layer. The behaviour of the flicker can be finely customized.


This effect provides fine control over the size of the grain.


Half tone

Turns the layer into a half tone image, similar to black and white newspaper print.

You can adjust the composition of the half tone dots.

Half tone

Half tone color

A color variation of the Half tone effect.

half tone color


Creates glitches in video playback order, shuffling the order of frames.

Lens dirt

Simulates dirt on the camera lens and in-lens reflection.


The dirt element can be procedurally generated from various seed values, or you can use another layer as the dirt source.

The in-lens reflection flaring can be generated from the applied layer or from another source.

Threshold and intensity determine the visibility of the lens dirt. Higher thresholds will restrict the effect to brighter areas of the frame.

The blur and pivot angle properties adjust the visual style of the flaring. For realistic results these should be kept relatively high.


The basic noise effect provides a fixed-size noise.


Scan lines

Creates scan lines as seen on some monitor displays when filmed.

Scan lines


Adds artificial camera shake to the layer. This can be useful for adding shake to explosive effects, or for adding a sense of a handheld camera to a tripod shot.


Reduces the number of frames used during playback of the layer, creating the impression of the video momentarily freezing.

TV damage

Simulates the appearance of a badly tuned television signal.

Each element can be customized individually to create the exact look you want.

TV damage