New in HitFilm Pro

There are a huge number of new and upgraded features in HitFilm Pro 2017. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:

NEW support for output of viewer to second monitor
UPDATED support for additional video, image and audio formats
UPDATED editing tools to support J-cuts and L-cuts, and simplify linking and unlinking media on the timeline
NEW audio mixers including per track and master track mixing
NEW  automatic sync of  your video and audio using the scratch audio in your video files.
NEW 360° Text for adding titles to 360° video
NEW Action Cam Crop
UPDATED 360° video transform and video viewer
NEW depth maps for use with particles and 3D models
NEW depth map to matte and composite to depth matte
UPDATED support for more 3D model formats, including FBX models and animation
UPDATED improved loading times for 3D models
NEW Energy Distortion, Fluid Distortion, and Smoke Distortion effects
UPDATED Fractal Noise effect with new Energy, Fluid, and Smoke noise types.
NEW Neon Path and Lightsword Ultra effects with integrated distortion and enhanced glow & flicker controls
NEW mocha HitFilm plugin allows you to apply mocha as an effect, and now supports all media types supported by HitFilm
UPDATED integrated 2D tracking
NEW scopes panel with vectorscopes, waveform, parade and histogram
NEW layer-specific scopes effects
NEW color correction in YUV color space
NEW support for project resolutions up to 8k
NEW support for 32-bit floating point color
UPDATED support for GoPro CineForm 10-bit and 12-bit files on Windows, and ProRes 10-bit and 12-bit files on Mac
UPDATED OpenEXR import and export using 32-bit floating point color
UPDATED RAM preview can use use more of your available system RAM
UPDATED full support for Retina displays on Mac and High DPI displays on Windows
NEW dynamic property searching in the toolbox and on the timeline
UPDATED project remembers toolbox tree state
NEW effects presets integrated into many effects increase their ease of use, and make it easier to try different options
NEW export queue allows multiple exports to be processed at once
NEW export presets give immediate access to specific export settings
UPDATED integration with Vegas Pro 14
UPDATED host support for Ignite 2017, including Vegas Pro 14 and Avid Media Composer
NEW effects added to Ignite 2017, including 360° Text, Energy Distortion, Fluid Distortion, Smoke Distortion, Lightsword Ultra and Neon Path
UPDATED Ignite support for 32-bit color in selected hosts
UPDATED Ignite support for resolutions above 4K in Adobe AE and Premiere
NEW option to export multiple clips from the Editor timeline as individual files.
NEW option to export multiple layers from a composite shot as individual files.
UPDATED Export to JPG and PNG image sequences allow adjustment of the amount of compression used.