Mobile emitters

Mobile emitters

Mobile emitters share many properties with standard Emitters. The core difference is that mobile emitters are themselves particles.

After being spawned by standard Emitters, mobile emitters behave like ordinary particle systems but are also capable of spawning their own particle systems.

The properties for mobile emitters are a mixture of those for standard Emitters and Particle systems. Refer to those chapters for more information.

Creating mobile emitters

New mobile emitters can be created by clicking the + icon next to their property group in the Controls panel.

If you are creating a mobile emitter-based effect, you may want to first delete the default particle system that is found in the default Emitter. This will ensure that you are only seeing the mobile emitter.

A default particle system is automatically created inside a new mobile emitter. This can be deleted if you wish.

Mobile emitters by default are a different color to particle systems, making it easier to identify them.

Activation events

Mobile emitters can change behaviour based on specific conditions. These are called activation events, which are found in the mobile emitter's General properties.

Activation events determine when mobile emitters are able to emit particle systems.

The type of activation event can be set using the Activation event menu.

The deactivate after event property will prevent further emission of particle systems after the event has occurred.


The mobile emitter will begin emitting particles as soon as it is spawned.


The mobile emitter will not emit particles until the moment of its death.

Turning on the deactivate after event property will have no effect when using the Death activation event.


The mobile emitter will emit particles when it is affected by a force.


The mobile emitter will emit particles when it comes into contact with a deflector surface.