HitFilm Plugins

HitFilm Ignite is a collection of HitFilm plugins, bundled with every HitFilm Pro license or available separately. It is a set of over 150 plugins for using in other video software. The plugins mean that you can choose how, where and when you work with HitFilm technology.

Current compatible hosts include:

Premiere Pro CC
After Effects CC
Vegas Pro 14
Final Cut Pro X
Motion 5
DaVinci Resolve 11
Catalyst Edit
Avid Media Composer 8

The plugins are a subset of HitFilm Pro's effects and they function in very similar ways. Some host platforms have limitations compared to using the effect directly inside HitFilm Pro - for example, Premiere Pro cannot use effects which include a layer picker and only After Effects includes a 3D camera similar to HitFilm's. Due to these limitations, the exact number of Ignite effects available within each Host program will vary.

Details on specific effects can be found in the Visual effects section.