Create a 3D sphere, with support for surface and reflection textures and semi-transparency.




Defines the size of the sphere.

Use Source As

The host layer can be used as the surface texture, an environment map, an environment layer or ignored.


The sphere can be positioned and rotated within the scene. When linked to a separate 3D layer the sphere will inherit 3D position data.


The sphere can be stretched and compressed along the X,Y,Z axes.

Surface Texture

A surface texture can be selected and customized in terms of how it is wrapped onto the sphere.

Environment Map

An environment map can be applied for realistic ambient lighting.

Environment Layer

An additional environment layer can be applied.


The amount of reflection and the angle dependency (the angle of the camera at which the reflection is visible) can be adjusted. The reflection region determines which parts of the sphere are reflective.


Simulates the refractive index, which is the description of how light travels through a medium compared to in a vacuum.