Light Flares

Light Flares

Position light flares and customize the design to suit your project, with individual control over hotspot, rays and lens artefacts. Definable elements range from classic prime lens styles to anamorphic, chromatic and diffraction designs.

Flares are made up of a hotspot, rays and unique tertiary elements. Each part can be adjusted individually.

The positioning of a flare is determined by its hotspot and its pivot. The pivot point is used for automatically animating the rays and additional elements, while the hotspot is used for the position of the main flare itself.

Below are two examples of light flares, both created starting with the chromatic halo type to show the level of possible customization:

Light flare

light flares 2




Flare Type

Choose from several flare designs, which can then be further customized.

Hotspot Position

The hotspot is the source of the flare and can be positioned anywhere in your shot. For good results position over bright areas of the source footage.

Pivot Position

The pivot is used to automatically position extra elements such as rays. By default this is in the center of the frame, which provides realistic results.


Adjusts the brightness of the effect.


Adjusts the size of the effect.


Choose from several blend modes. Screen usually provides the most realistic results.


Change the overall appearance of the flare, including saturation and hue.


Adjust the appearance of the hotspot, which is the central core of the flare.


Adjust the appearance of the rays emanating from the hotspot.

Other Elements

Adjust the appearance of additional artefacts in the effect.