Lens Blur

Applies a blur and generates iris bloom. The blur can be defined by a focal map, making it possible to create artificial focus pulls between different parts of the frame, or between different layers in a composite.



Source Layer

Selects a layer to use as a focal map.

Source Channel

Different channels from the focal map can be used as the lens blur source. For example, if you have a greyscale image as your map, select luminance.


The sample area of the blur. A larger radius usually results in a softer, subtler result.

Focal Distance

Sets the focal distance of the virtual camera lens. Smaller values will set the focus closer to the camera.

Focal Range

Determines the in-focus area. Larger focal ranges will result in more of the scene being sharp.

Specular Threshold

High thresholds will restrict the specular highlights to bright areas. Lowering the threshold will result in more specular highlights.

Specular Brightness

Adjusts the brightness of the specular highlights.


The specular highlight iris shape can be adjusted by selecting various primitive shapes. These shapes can be further altered using the curvature, pinch and shift controls.