Blood Spray

Create CG squibs and splatters with a simulated impact plane and fine control of density and direction of blood flow.




Moves the blood spray.

Start Time

Determines when the blood spray is generated.


Duration of blood spray generation. Generated blood spray will remain visible after this time but no further blood will be generated.

Number of Particles

Total number of particles to be generated for the duration.

Direction & Orientation

Determine the angle of spray.


The blood spray can be in a tight or wide dispersal.


Speed of the spray can be adjusted.

Particle Size

Adjusts the size of individual blood particles.


Affects how rapidly the spray is pulled towards the bottom of the frame.

Collision Plane Distance

Moves the collision plane relative to the blood spray. The collision plane simulates the blood spray hitting the camera lens or other flat, vertical surface.

Color 1/2

Sets the two-tone colors for the blood spray.


Changes the overall visibility of the blood spray.

Bezel Size

Adjusts the visibility of the bevelled edge to particles.


Changes the angle of lighting.

Highlight/Shadow Brightness

Alters the visibility of the highlight and shadow areas of each particle.

Motion Blur

Adds motion blur to the movement of the spray.


Changes the blend mode for the blood spray.