Auto Volumetrics

Create 3D light rays.

Note that the 3D rays will be clipped by the current layer. Applying the effect to a separate 2D plane/solid is often preferable, with the position linked to a 3D point/null, allowing the rays to extend beyond the bounds of a selected 3D layer even if it is smaller than the frame size.



Light Position

The light source can be positioned or linked to a separate layer, including a 3D layer.

Convergence of the rays can be adjusted with the Z Position (or the Z-depth of a linked 3D layer).

Light Falloff

Defines the length of the light rays.

Distance Scalar

Affects the rate of falloff.

Light Source

A separate layer can be selected as the Source, Mask or Multiplier.


Determines how much of the source is used to generate the rays. Higher thresholds will reduce the number of rays.

Light Source: Exposure

Adjusts the brightness of the source used to generate the rays. This can enhance detail in the source, if it is too dark to generate rays effectively.

Render: Exposure

Adjusts the brightness of the rays after they have been generated.


Adjusts the color saturation of the rays.


By default the ray color is taken from the source, but a colorized version can also be produced.