3D Extrusion

Extrude any layer in Z-space, easily adding depth and three-dimensionality to text, logos and keyed elements.




Move the extruded layer, including in Z-space.

Note that in supported hosts the layer can also be linked to a 3D layer, which then translates its 3D position directly from the camera.


Rotates the extruded layer in 3D.


Controls the amount of extrusion.


Choose between various rendering modes.

Depth of Field: Enable

Depth of field can be activated for the extrusion.

DoF Settings

Depth of field can be controlled from the 3D camera (in supported host platforms), or can be set up inside the 3D extrusion effect.


Higher aperture settings will create a shallower depth of field, and thus a more blurred image overall.

Focus Distance

Determines the distance from the camera which is in focus.


The amount of blur applied to out-of-focus areas can be customized.


The effect can be lit by all 3D lights or select lights.


When illumination is active these settings adjust the surface material of the object.

Environment map

You can select a separate layer to use as an environment map. This can often make extruded layers appear part of the scene when composited into live action footage.