New in HitFilm Express

There are a huge number of new and upgraded features in HitFilm Express 2017. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:

UPDATED Environment Map Transform
UPDATED Environment Map Viewer
NEW Audio mixers
NEW Per track audio mixing
NEW Master Audio track for controlling overall audio levels
NEW Audio Balance (panning)
NEW Solo and Mute
NEW Auto sync your video clips with separately recorded audio
UPDATED Support for even more video, image and audio formats
UPDATED Dedicated editing trimmer with Insert and Overlay functionality
UPDATED New keyboard shortcuts to set the in and out points in the trimmer
UPDATED Editing tools including

- NEW J-cuts

 - NEW L-cuts

UPDATED New shortcuts to link and un-link media on the timeline
NEW Export Queue
NEW Export Presets
NEW Export tasks can be queued, duplicated and modified easily
NEW Support for 4K UHD Projects (3840 * 2160 Maximum with 2GB of GPU RAM)
UPDATED Industry standard quality formats
NEW Native import and export GoPro CineForm 10-bit/12-bit - Windows only
UPDATED Import and export Apple Pro Res 10-bit/12-bit - Mac only
UPDATED RAM Preview for faster playback of complete visual effects

 - UPDATED RAM Preview can now use more of your RAM

UPDATED Full Retina and HiDPI support on Mac and Windows
NEW Dynamic Toolbox property searching
NEW Dynamic Timeline layer & effect property searching
UPDATED Project remembers toolbox tree state
NEW Effect presets added to many effects greatly increasing the ease-of-use of many tools
NEW mocha HitFilm plugin (Add on Required)

 - NEW Support for all media types from HitFilm

 - NEW Integrated as a plug-in to the main software

NEW Heat distortion
NEW Lightsword (2 point Auto)
NEW Lightsword (4 point Manual)
NEW Lightsword (Glow only)
NEW in ‘Destruction Pack’

 - Energy distortion effect

 - Fluid distortion effect

 - Smoke Distortion

NEW in ‘Sci-Fi Pack’

 - Lightsword Ultra (2 point Auto)

 - Lightsword Ultra (4 point Manual)

 - Lightsword Ultra (Glow only)