These effects stretch and push your layers into new shapes.

Action Cam Lens Distort

See Action Cam Lens Distort.

Bezier Warp

Provides the ability to distort the layer and fold it into new shapes.

It is generally easier to use the Viewer controls.

Bezier warp


Spherical Warp

Creates the appearance of a spherical lens, as if wrapping the layer around a concave or convex surface.


Lens Distort & Undistort Repair

Requires the Repair pack.

Can be used to simulate lens distortion or remove unwanted distortion (such as from fisheye camera lenses).

Perspective Warp

Simulates rotating the layer in 3D.

Perspective warp

Polar Warp

Wraps the layer into a circular shape.

Polar warp

Quad Warp

Adds quad controls to the layer so that you can change its shape by moving its corners.

Quad warp

Vortex Displacement Warp

Similar to the Twirl distort effect but with additional displacement and vortex controls for pinching and stretching the affected area.