Transition Details

Transition Details

This chapter details the transitions available in HitFilm. For information on applying transitions to your clips see Effects and Transitions.



Adjusts the volume of your audio clip at the start or end, either fading it in from silence or fading it out to silence. When applied to a cut this will perform a crossfade between the two audio clips.



Additive Dissolve

A dissolve that brightens the clips during the transition.

Cross Dissolve

A smooth dissolve which is commonly used in video and film.

Dither Dissolve

A pixellated dissolve.



Animates your videos on or off the screen in a particular direction.


Animates one video over the other.


Splits your video into two halves and moves them in opposite directions.


Clock Wipe

Traditional clock wipe, as if the moving hands of a clock were moving over the video.

Linear Wipe

A simple directional wipe.

Radial Wipe

A curved wipe like the movement of a vehicle's windshield wiper.


Cross Zoom

Zooms in on the first clip and out of the next.


Zooms the clip in or out of the screen.

Fade to Color

Fades from the video to a color of your choice.


An iris shape expands or contracts to reveal your video. The iris shape can be customized:

Shape - choose from a variety of iris shapes.
Rotation - rotate the iris shape.
Curvature - alter the curve shape of the iris.
Pinch - adjust the points of the shape.
Shift - warp the shape clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Direction - change the direction of the transition.