Introducing the Media Panel

Introducing the Media Panel

All of your re-usable project assets are stored in the Media panel for easy access.

media panel

When you first start a project your Media panel will be empty. As you bring files into the project or create them inside HitFilm they will be listed.

Media assets can include:

Video, image and audio files. If you're editing a film you'll probably have lots of these. Working with these files inside HitFilm never makes direct alterations to the files on disk.
Planes are special colored rectangles which can be created inside HitFilm. These are very useful and can be heavily customized with the addition of effects and mask shapes.
Composite shots are special layer-based timelines designed specifically for creating visual effects, titles and animations.

All items in the Media panel can be dragged onto any timeline in the project. Items can be used multiple times in the same project and even on the same timeline.

When you add an item from the Media panel to a timeline it creates a new clip or layer (depending on the type of timeline). You can then heavily customize that specific instance of the clip or layer, without affecting the main item in the Media panel.

For more information on the Media panel see:

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