The HitFilm workflow

HitFilm 4 Pro provides you with several workflow options so that you can integrate HitFilm technology into your projects.

HitFilm 4 Pro

The core HitFilm 4 Pro software is standalone and requires no additional software. It includes an editor, a powerful compositor with a unified 3D workspace and over 180 effects. Switching between the editor and your visual effects shots is as easy as changing tabs in your web browser.

Academy Award-winning planar tracking is provided by a special version of mocha from Imagineer Systems and 3D Objects from Boris FX is included for advanced 3D titles.

You can import 3D objects into HitFilm 4 Pro and create sophisticated particle effects without requiring additional 3rd party plugins.


HitFilm 4 Pro is OpenFX compliant. This means you can add additional functionality to the software from other plugin developers such as GenArts, NewBlue FX, Red Giant and RE:Vision.

Compatible OpenFX plugins are listed in the Effects panel alongside the standard HitFilm effects library.

Find out more about HitFilm 4 Pro's OpenFX compliancy here.

HitFilm Ignite

The HitFilm ignite collection of plugins makes many of HitFilm's effects available in your other video software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Vegas Pro, Catalyst Edit and DaVinci Resolve.

The HitFilm Ignite plugins mirror many of the effects inside HitFilm 4 Pro itself. This means you can choose whether to work with HitFilm technology inside HitFilm 4 Pro or your established editor.

Find out more about the HitFilm Ignite here.