Creating text & titles

Creating text & titles

You can create text using HitFilm's text tools or using Boris FX 3D Objects. In either case text can be in 2D or 3D. HitFilm's own tools provide a very fast workflow for simple text, while Boris' 3D Objects generates high quality 3D text shapes.

Creating text layers

The built-in text features are excellent for creating custom text layers which can then be manipulated like any other layer. Text is always created as a layer in a composite shot timeline, and cannot be created in the Editor.

There are several ways to create a text layer.

Select Text from the New Layer menu on a composite shot timeline. This will display the text properties where you can set the resolution for your text layer.
Use the Viewer Text tool to click anywhere in the Viewer. Clicking once will display the text properties dialog where you can set a specific resolution for your text layer, or click and drag to draw a quick custom shape.

Once the text layer is created you can then type directly into the text box in the Viewer.

Editing text

You need to have the Text tool selected in the Viewer to edit text.

With the Text tool selected only text layers will be highlighted in the Viewer. Select the text layer you wish to edit, then begin typing.

You can select text and move the cursor as you would in an ordinary text application.

You can continue to edit text even if it is in 3D.

Text is displayed inside text boxes. Text will automatically wrap to the next line of a text box.

The shape and size of the selected text box can be adjusted by dragging the handle on its bottom-right corner when the Text tool is selected. The text will automatically update as the text box is changed.

Text properties such as size and font are controlled from the Text panel. The text panel affects the currently selected text and any text you'll create in the future. If you want to change the attributes of existing text, make sure you have it selected in the Viewer with the Text tool.


The character properties are as follows:

Font name - all the compatible fonts available on your computer.
Font weight - choose from different font weights available for your chosen font.
Size - font size.
Line spacing - spacing between each line of text.
Character spacing - spacing between each individual character.
Outline size - width of the text outline. At 0px no outline will be visible.
Color - font color.
Outline color - color of the outline, which will only be visible if the Outline size is greater than 0px.


The selected text can be set to left aligned, centered or right aligned.

Animating text

If you have the Viewer Select tool selected you can transform the text layer like any other layer in the viewer, with full rotation and position controls.

This can be used to create scrolling end credits or sci-fi-style opening crawls in 3D.

Note that you will not be able to transform text layers if you have the Text tool selected.

Boris FX 3D Objects

This is available in the Effects library and can be applied like any other effect. You will usually want to apply the 3D Objects effect to a plane or grade layer, which can then serve as a host.

For details on using Boris FX 3D Objects, see the Boris documentation included with the plugin. To access the help, click the Help button in the plugin's main controls.

The Boris plugin features its own lighting and camera controls, which allow you to create three dimensional, illuminated text objects, even on a 2D timeline. If you are working in a 3D timeline, however, you can set Boris to use HitFilm 4's native lights and camera, so the Boris text is integrated into HitFilm 4's Unified 3D workspace. You can use either the built-in Boris lights or HitFilm 4's native light layers, or use both together.

Boris Lights

Use Comp Lights allows the Boris text to use HitFilm 4's native light layers, and is disabled by default.
Use Built-in Light illuminates the text with the lights included in Boris. One light is enabled by default, but you can have up to three lights in your Boris Text effect, by enabling the tickboxes for additional lights.
Use Comp Camera overrides the built-in Boris camera, and displays the text based on its 3D position relative to the active HitFilm camera layer. By default this option is off, and the camera built into Boris is used to display the text.

You can also find the Boris FX documentation installed on your computer here:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Boris FX, Inc\Boris Continuum Complete OFX 9.0\Documentation

Mac: Library/Application Support/BorisFX/BCC OFX 9/Documentation

End credits & text crawl effects

The end credits and text crawl effects provide a very rapid way to generate text. More details can be found in Generate.

End credits