Importing 3D objects

Importing 3D objects

To import a 3D model, click the drop-down arrow on the Import button in the Media panel and choose Import 3D model.

HitFilm supports the .lwo, .3ds, abc and .obj formats.

The 3D model properties window will appear with information about your selected model. The information displayed will vary depending on the way the model has been designed.

3D object import

There are three sections for customizing the model during import - Groups, Materials and Advanced. You can return to adjust Materials and Advanced at any time during your project, but Groups can only be changed during import.

For details on each section see the following chapters:

Animation groups
Setting up materials
Advanced properties

Note that static 3D model geometry is saved within the HitFilm project file, so you will experience larger project filesizes when working with 3D models.


A preview of the 3D model is rendered in the window on the left. You can move the camera around using the tools in the top right corner, tracking forwards, backwards, left, right, up and down.

Left clicking and dragging in the window will orbit the camera around the model.


Once you have finished adjusting the 3D model's properties, click OK to add it to your Media library. It can then be used like any other media asset. See 3D objects on the timeline for details.