Organizing media

There are several tools for keeping your Media panel tidy, even in complex projects.

Listing modes file-list-small@2x file-list-large@2x

The Project Media listing can be switched between a list view or a thumbnail view. Thumbnails can be useful for identifying videos and images at a glance, while the list view displays more items.

Arranging and grouping list-sort-asc@2x

The assets in your Media panel can by arranged by name or by file type and can be grouped by folder or media type. The order of the list can be flipped using the sort button.

Searching for assetssearch@2x

If you are looking for a specific asset and know its name, you can type it into the Search bar. As you type the list will be instantly updated to display relevant results.

Creating and using folders folder@2x

You can create folders within the Media panel. Specific assets can then be moved into folders, allowing you to create your own organization of assets.

Note that the Group mode needs to be set to Folder for your own folders to be visible.

A new folder can be created by clicking the New Folder button.

You can also drag an asset or multiple assets onto the New Folder button to create a new folder and automatically move the assets inside.

Folders and assets can be renamed from their menu or by pressing F2.