Animation groups

Animation groups

3D models can be animated using two methods in HitFilm.

If a model is set up with animation groups these can be used to animate individual parts of the model using HitFilm's standard animation tools - for example, spinning the rotors on a helicopter or opening a car door.

For more advanced animation you can import Alembic animation files creates in 3D animation software. See Alembic animation for details.

Setting up groups

Some 3D models are built using groups. These are pre-defined parts within the main model. During import you can select groups you want to animate inside HitFilm using the Groups panel.

Selecting a group in the list will highlight it in the preview. Checking the box will create transform controls on the timeline for each group.

You can also rename a group by right-clicking and choosing the Rename option from the menu.

After importing the model and adding it to the timeline, you can then animate the specified groups from the layer's Models section. Each group selected during import will have its own listing and can be animated individually.

Setting up groups can only be done during import. Make sure you define your groups at this stage as they cannot be edited later without re-importing the model.

Groups cannot be created inside HitFilm, they must be part of the original model's design.