The HitFilm workflow

HitFilm 4 Express provides you with several workflow options so that you can integrate HitFilm technology into your projects.

Make HitFilm 4 Express your own

The core HitFilm 4 Express software includes an editor, a powerful compositor with a unified 3D workspace and over 120 effects. Switching between the editor and your visual effects shots is as easy as changing tabs in your web browser.

The standard version of HitFilm 4 Express is already hugely powerful. No other free software provides an integrated, easy-to-use combination of editing and 3D compositing.

Additional functionality can be purchased from the Store, including:

Film looks and grading tools to make your videos look great
Light flares and atmospheric lighting effects
Denoise and repair tools
Muzzle flashes and fire effects
Sci-fi lasers and lightswords
Academy Award-winning planar tracking in a special version of mocha from Imagineer Systems

About premium video formats

The AVCHD and Dolby AC3 video and audio formats require licensing, which prevents us from including them with HitFilm 4 Express for free.

If you use these formats you can enable them for just $10 by adding the Premium formats pack to your version of express. Visit the Store for more details.