Matte enhancement

Matte enhancement

After keying a layer you may need to perform further adjustments to achieve high quality results. The matte enhancement effects are designed for this purpose.

Alpha brightness & contrast

The brightness and contrast of a layer's alpha channel can be adjusted to tweak the edges of a composite.

Crush blacks & whites alpha

Similar to the normal Crush blacks & whites effect but only affects the alpha channel. Crushing the blacks can remove lingering areas of your keyed area, while clamping the white can help to fill transparent areas in your subject.

Erode white

The erode effect gradually removes the edge of a layer's alpha channel.

Invert alpha

Inverts the layer's alpha channel.

Light wrap

You can often improve composites using light wrap, which enables light from another layer to bleed onto the keyed layer.

If you have transformed or added effects to the light wrap source layer, you will need to convert it to an embedded composite shot for the light wrap to take those changes into account.

Matte cleaner

After keying a layer you can use the matte cleaner to tidy up the composite.

Smooth - makes the edge of the key smoother.
Feather - makes the edge of the key softer.
Choke - shrinks the edge of the key.

The View matte option is a quick way to see the layer's alpha channel, making it easier to identify areas where the key needs to be cleaned up.

Remove color matting

When using stock footage, this effect can be used to reduce dark areas in the composited element.

Set matte

Enables you to use channels from another layer on the current layer. This can be particularly useful if you want to use the alpha channel from another layer.

Spill removal

When working with green screen and blue screen you can sometimes find slight color fringing around the edge of a key after the screen has been removed. The spill removal effect removes or reduces this color fringing.