New in HitFilm 3 Pro

There are a huge number of new and upgraded features in HitFilm 3 Pro. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:

UPGRADED Particle simulator: New emitter types and 3D model textures
NEW 3D camera projection: Turn images into photoreal 3D scenes
UPGRADED Atomic particles: Create atomic arrays from 3D models
UPGRADED Tracked masks with mocha: Apply mocha tracked data to HitFilm masks
NEW Pro denoiser: Based on the latest academic research
NEW 20+ effects: Major new 2D effects
NEW Grading tools: Curves have arrived
UPGRADED 3D models: Higher fidelity & new rendering options
NEW OpenFX & HitFilm Plugins: OpenFX plugins inside HitFilm & HitFilm Plugins inside your other software
UPGRADED Editor: Full-sized trimmer
NEW Performance & interface: Background proxying & UI redesign
NEW Formats & pipeline: 16-bit OpenEXR in-to-out