Starting a project

After starting HitFilm 3 Pro you are presented with the Home screen. From here you can quickly access your recent saved projects or create a new project.

Clicking the New button will take you to the Project screen, where you set up your initial project settings:


You can return to the Project screen at any time to update your project settings.

Several templates are provided for common video formats. You can also customize your setup and save your own templates by clicking on the Save icon.

When starting a new project you have two options for getting started:

Start Compositing: Creates a new composite shot using the project settings. This is useful if you want to immediately start work on a visual effects shot.
Start Editing: Sets up your editor timeline so that you can start importing and editing your clips. Use this option if you are using HitFilm as your main editor.

Color Bit Depth

HitFilm can operate in 8-bit integer or 16-bit float modes.

16-bit float allows for increased dynamic range, retaining detail in highlights and shadows. This is particularly useful during grading or when designing visually extreme effects. 16-bit float has a larger performance impact.

8-bit integer is limited to 8 bits per channel, restricting colors between 0-255 values. 8-bit integer has a small performance impact.

You can change the color bit depth at any point in a project. One option is to carry out most of your work using the 8-bit integer mode, then switch to 16-bit float for the final render.

Antialiasing Mode

Antialiasing is used to reduce 'aliasing' on diagonal lines during rendering. Antialiasing is always used during the final export and can be turned on and off while working inside HitFilm.

HitFilm 3 Pro supports multiple antialiasing methods. The number and types of available methods will depend on your computer's video card. The further down the list of available options the bigger the performance impact and the finer the rendering quality.

More information on CSAA (external resource).

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