Media properties

Each media asset has its own properties, which are used to control its behaviour inside your project.

An asset's properties can be displayed by clicking the gear next to its name in the Project Media list.

Different types of media have different settings.

Adjusting a media asset's properties will affect all instances of it on all timelines.

Media properties cog-properties-information@2x

Displays key information about the video, including resolution and codec.

Frame rate and aspect ratio properties are automatically set using information in the source file. If you want to change them you should first untick the From File option.

You can also change a media clip's alpha channel behavior between Straight or Premultiplied. This is particularly useful when importing OpenEXR images, which do not specify the best mode.

Changing the default frame rate will change the playback speed of a clip, relative to the frame rate of the timeline. For example, a 24fps clip on a 24fps timeline will play at normal speed. Reducing the asset's default frame rate will create slow motion playback and increasing it will create fast motion playback.

For slow motion it is always best to shoot at a high frame rate if possible. A video shot at 48fps and then changed to 24fps will create a convincing, smooth slow motion effect.

Other asset types

Special assets have different properties. More information can be found about these in the Compositing section, in the following chapters:

Plane layers
Composite shot properties
Importing 3D models