Planar tracking with mocha HitFilm

Planar tracking with mocha HitFilm

A special version of mocha from Imagineer Systems is available for HitFilm 3 Express in the Store. Using Academy Award-winning planar tracking technology, mocha provides advanced tracking solutions for multiple situations.

Two main areas are covered by mocha's features:

Shape tracking: Rapidly track moving shapes in your shot and export the data to a mask inside HitFilm. Incredibly powerful for compositing and grading.
3D camera solving: Track multiple planes to create a 3D camera solve. This can be exported to HitFilm as a 3D scene complete with camera and reference points.

Launching mocha new-add-plus@2x

There are two ways to launch mocha:

1.From the New menu in the Media panel, choose Solve with mocha HitFilm. This will start mocha and let you set up the project details manually.
2.From a clip or layer's menu on the timeline choose Open with mocha HitFilm. This will start mocha and automatically set up the project with the selected video.

Using mocha

Mocha is a sophisticated program. Imagineer have a series of learning resources available on their website.

A series of tutorials focused on using mocha's camera solving features alongside HitFilm can be found here.

Transferring mocha data to HitFilm

Once you have completed your work inside mocha you need to transfer it back to HitFilm.

For shape tracking, use the Export Shape Data... option in mocha's Track module to export a new HitFilm composite shot file.

For 3D camera solving, use the Export Camera Data... option in the Camera Solve module to export a new HitFilm composite shot file.

Exported composite shot files can then be imported to an existing HitFilm project using the Import menu. See Saving & loading projects for details.