Installation & activation

The latest version of HitFilm can always be downloaded from your account.

Demo mode

After installation HitFilm will start in demo mode. This restricts export to 30 seconds and YouTube only.

Note that if you have purchased component packs to expand Express' features in the Store these will not be available in demo mode.

As Express is free to use, the first thing to do is activate your serial code, which you should have received when you signed up.


Activating Express will enable additional export options and any component packs you have purchased.

When you start the software choose Activate from the welcome screen.

Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your software. If it's the first time you have activated the software your serial code will be registered to your account at

You can also activate by going to the File menu, choosing Options and using the Activation settings.

After activation, the next time you restart you will have access to HitFilm 3 Express, including any features you have enabled through the Store.

Installing on another computer

The HitFilm 3 Express license allows for a single activated computer at a time.

If you want to transfer your install to a different computer you will need to deactivate on the old computer first.