Exporting creates a new video or image sequence from your project. The exported media can then be used and played outside of HitFilm.

There are multiple export options for different situations.

All export options share some details:

Timeline lists all of the available timelines. You can export your editor or any composite shot timeline.
Export area switches between the entire selected timeline, the timeline's specific work area or the area containing actual content. The work area can be set in the Viewer.


Instantly upload your video to your YouTube channel.

HitFilm can export up to 1080p resolution for YouTube upload.

Before uploading to YouTube you must add your YouTube channel, which will authorize HitFilm to upload on your behalf.

Click the Add... button to link your channel and follow the instructions.

If you have multiple channels you can switch to a different account by clicking Remove, then adding the desired channel.


If you're using HitFilm on a Mac you can access Apple's Quicktime format, with all the usual codec options and settings.

Exporting to ProRes provides an excellent balance of quality and filesize for Mac users.


The H264 codec is superb for creating final content for delivery. It creates high quality video at remarkably small sizes, so is excellent for creating videos suitable for uploading to the internet.

Note that the H264 format is designed specifically as a final delivery format. While an H264 video may appear to be visually high quality, it will be lacking in detail compared to other formats. It is therefore recommended that H264 is not used to export video which is being transferred to another program for further work.

Image sequence

Several common image types are provided. Image sequences have the benefit of exporting one frame at a time, which can save you time in the event of unexpected power loss, as you only need to resume exporting from the most recently rendered frame (with most video formats you would need to start exporting again from the start).

Image sequences cannot include audio.


On Windows you can export to uncompressed AVI or legacy DV codecs.