Compositing screenshot

HitFilm's compositing tools are hugely powerful, providing 2D and 3D layer-based compositing, over 100 built-in effects and a unified 3D workspace. This level of filmmaking technology, combined with editing features, has never before been available in a free product.

Additional effects and advanced features can be purchased from the Store, including an advanced particle simulator, live 3D object rendering and planar tracking with a special version of mocha from Imagineer Systems.

The compositing tools work directly alongside the editor. Switching between your main edit and a fully CG visual effects shot is as simple as clicking the desired timeline tab - just like switching tabs in your web browser. You can also bypass the editor entirely and use HitFilm solely as a compositor. It's up to you.

Composite shots are built using layers. Each layer contains a single asset (video, image, etc) and can be heavily customized by applying transformation, drawing masks, adding effects and more.

Most customizable properties can also be keyframed, creating animation over time.