Learning HitFilm 3 Express

Learning HitFilm 3 Express

HitFilm 3 Express is a unique combination of non-linear editor and compositor. There are many resources available for learning how to use the software.

Expanding HitFilm 3 Express

You are using the free version of HitFilm 3. This includes the core editing and 3D compositing tools and is still hugely powerful. If you need more functionality, such as advanced particle simulation, 3D model import or additional effects, you can purchase additional component packs in the HitFilm.com Store.

Some features and effects in this user guide refer to functionality requiring one or more packs. This will be noted as appropriate.

HitFilm 3 Pro contains all component features plus exclusive effects which aren't available for Express. Find out more here.

The user guide

This user guide provides an overview of all of HitFilm 3 Express's features.

If you would prefer to read this manual on your tablet or would like to print a paper copy, you can download a PDF version here.

Video tutorials

There are over 40 hours of free video tutorials available. You can find the tutorials organized into useful categories over on the HitFilm.com website.

If you're new to HitFilm or filmmaking we highly recommend watching Project One.

The HitFilm.com community

The HitFilm.com community is always ready to help out with tips and techniques. Head over to the forum to see what's going on and ask questions.