What's new in HitFilm 2?

HitFilm 2 has too many new features and changes to list them all. Below we have focused on the main features that upgrading users will want to check out straight away.

New in all versions of HitFilm 2

Both versions of HitFilm 2 include these major new features:

New Editing tools.
Hugely enhanced editing Viewer.
New editing timeline envelopes.
RAM Preview rendering in composite shots.
Auto-save projects.
Edit keyboard shortcuts.
Preset management.
Motion paths are now shown for animation.

New in HitFilm 2 Ultimate

Now available for Mac.
3D model import, animation and rendering.
mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems included for planar tracking and 3D camera solving.
Project integration with Vegas Pro 12 from Sony Creative Software (Windows only).
Import and save composite shots.
New blur effect: Optical flow motion blur.
New color grading effect: Color map
New generate effects: 3D extrusion, caustics, fractal noise, sphere.
New grunge effects: Lens dirt.
New keying effects: Chroma key.
New lights & flares effect: Auto light flares.
New particles & simulation effects: Atomic particles, shatter.
New scene effects: Environment map viewer, parallax.
New video clean-up effects: Clone stamp, rolling shutter.
Major texture enhancements to particle simulator.

New in HitFilm 2 Express

The following features are now also included in Express:

2D feature and optical flow tracking.
New color correction & grading effects: White balance, color correction wheels, vignette.
New generate effect: 3D extrusion.
New grunge effect: Shake.
New lights & flares effects: Light rays, light streaks.
New stylize effect: Leave color.
New warp effect: Fisheye warp.
Texture enhancements to gunfire effect.