Using different views

Using different views

Working in 3D on a flat computer monitor can sometimes be disorienting. To aid navigation in the 3D space you can change your viewer to display views from different angles.

Changing the view

At the top left of the Viewer the current view mode is displayed. By default this will display as Active camera.

Clicking on the view mode displays all the available modes.

Active camera view

The active camera view shows what will be rendered when you export. This is what will appear in your videos.

Changing the position and orientation when in active camera view will change your camera's properties.

For more information on cameras see Camera layers.

Perspective view

The perspective view is a useful way to explore your scene without affecting the position of your camera.

This view works almost identically to the active camera view, with the exception of 2D layers which will not be visible.

Orthographic views

The orthographic views provide flat, 2D views of your 3D scene. The orthographic views do not show perspective or depth.

You can choose from front, back, left, right, top and bottom views.

As they are presented in a 2D 'blueprint' form, the orthographic views are very useful for precise positioning of layers in the 3D space.

The orthographic views are controlled in a similar way to the Viewer when it is in 2D mode.

Zoom and pan controls in the corner of the Viewer can be clicked and dragged for quick movements.

Resetting the view

You can reset a view using the Reset current view option View menu.

Multiple views

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

multiple views

You can display up to 4 views in the Viewer at the same time. This enables you to cross-reference different views simultaneously to ensure that your positioning is accurate.

The Views menu at the top of the Viewer can be used to change the number of viewing areas.

Each viewing area has its own menu for changing the view mode and the Viewer customization options can be set individually for each panel.

RECAP 3D composite shots can be worked on from several different viewpoints.