Everything you do in HitFilm is logged, so that you can always undo any mistakes, even over multiple steps.

This means that you are free to experiment with new features and settings without having to worry about spoiling your project. HitFilm won't ever punish you for experimenting or being creative.

Undo & Redo

undoredo buttons

Undo (Ctrl+Z) - if you've made a mistake or don't like what you just changed, click the Undo button to go back to where you were before. HitFilm logs every decision you make, so you can undo everything you've done since launching the application.
Redo (Ctrl+Y) - after clicking Undo you can then click Redo to reinstate your previous decision. Note that if you undo a decision then make other changes you won't be able to use Redo to get back to the original state.

If you hover the mouse over Undo or Redo a tooltip will be displayed showing exactly what will change if you click the buttons.

History panel

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate has a history panel which lists every action you've performed. You can use the list to keep track of your progress and even jump back to any point in time with a single click.

For more information see the History panel chapter.

RECAP Don't panic! You can always undo your progress if you change your mind.