Transforming clips

Transforming clips

editor transform

Clips on the Editor sequence timeline can be transformed in 2D.

To transform a clip simply select it on the timeline then adjust it either in the viewer or in the Controls panel.

Clip properties

Blend - different blend modes affect how clips combine with each other when occupying the same area of the frame on different tracks.

Anchor points

Every clip has an anchor point. This is the clip's origin around which it rotates.

The default anchor point for clips is in the center. For most purposes this is the most useful location for the anchor point but there are some circumstances where moving the anchor point would be beneficial.

For example, if you had a simple rectangular plane and wanted to rotate it around one corner instead of its center, you would move the anchor point to that corner then use the normal rotation controls.

Transform properties

Anchor point - sets the location of the anchor point, with 0,0 being the center of the layer.
Position - moves the layer along the X and Y axes.
Scale - enlarges and shrinks the layer. The X and Y scales are linked by default so that your layer retains its original shape. You can unlink them using the chain icon.
Rotation - rotates the layer around its anchor point. See Controls panel for more information on rotation wheels.
Opacity - the transparency of the clip. See Adjusting volume and opacity for more details.

Clips cannot be animated on the Editor sequence. If you need to animate your clip, you should convert it to a composite shot.